Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I suppose I should be honest.  I haven't always liked raisins.  Actually, I used to hate raisins and everything they touched.  Oatmeal raisin cookies? Cinnamon raisin bread? No, thanks.

This all changed when Sar accused me of being pickier than she is when it comes to food.  Until then, I'd always been applauded for my ability to eat almost anything and say, "it's not that bad."  I was shocked and appalled - sure, I didn't like PB&J sandwiches and milk (still) sort of freaks me out, but these are isolated events.   Raisins were just another member of my I'd-Rather-Not list. 

But then we counted.  Sar definitely had less I'd-Rather-Not foods than I did.  It was war.  I started eating raisins because, while I'm being honest, I'll admit that I will not ever eat a PB&J sandwich and milk will never be my drink of choice.  It was awful at first - convincing myself not to pick them out of my cookies, picking the cereals packed with raisins - but eventually I learned to like them.   The more raisins, the merrier.  

What better way to celebrate raisins than Cinnamon Raisin Bread? And what better way to follow up a completely healthy Whole Wheat Loaf than with bread that's loaded with  butter and sugar?  We're all about balance in this apartment.

I used the recipe from Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen - a great blog that came up while I was scanning TasteSpotting for a good recipe.  It's delicious bread and easy, to boot.  Next time I'll roll mine a bit thinner and maybe add some extra cinnamon-sugary goodness to amp up the swirls.  Maybe add some extra raisins, just to prove that I can handle it.



  1. So I fed the sour dough baby this morning and today it more than trippled in size!!! I may have to feed it again then divide it into two smaller (but no less meaningful!) babies. How is your sour dough starter doing!

  2. Love your pictures - just gained ten pounds!